GALVANIZED Welded Steel Pipe

Galvanizing is process of coating zinc over steel. Galvanized steel pipes are widely used in agriculture and construction industrial because the galvanizing can form dense oxide protective coatings to protect steel structures inside steel pipes. Can galvanized steel pipe be welded? Yes! In fact, there is no difference between their welding and ordinary carbon steel pipe, but due to the existence of galvanized layer, they are prone to crack, porosity and slag inclusion in welding, and the welding quality cannot be guaranteed.

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Galvanized steel pipe can be welded using traditional electric arc welding. There is not much difference in the mechanical properties of the welding on a galvanized and non-galvanized steel pipes if the welding is done properly. Galvanized pipes are commonly spot welded or resistance welded using special electrodes that minimizes sticking to the work-piece. Firstly, correct welding material is the key factor to get the flawless joint with good mechanical performance. J421、J422、J423 are the ideal rod hands down for galvanized steel. Secondly, remove the Zn coating before starting welding. Grind off the coating on the weld area plus 1/2-inchc zinc coating, and it melted and smeared into the ground area. Wet that area with spray-on penetrating oil. Using a new, clean grinder to remove the galvanized layer. After finishing the preparation of protective and anti-corrosion measures, you can carry out the welding. Welding is a high temperature operation and welding galvanized pipe releases a hazardous green fume. Be attention, this fume is really toxic to human! If breathed, this will give you severe headache, poison your lungs and brain. So one need to use respirator and exhausts during welding and make sure you have excellent ventilation and also consider a particle mask. Once the zinc coating at the welding area is damaged. Painting the welding area with some zinc rich paint. In practice application, the galvanized steel pipe with a diameter of less than or equal to 100mm shall be connected by thread, and the damaged galvanized layer and the exposed thread part during the connection shall be antiseptic treatment. Galvanized steel pipe with a diameter greater than 100mm shall be connected by flanges or blocking pipe fittings, and the welding part of pipe and flange shall be galvanized again.

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Product Advantages and Application

Galvanized steel pipe is protected by zinc, so it is not easy to rust. If it is used in the balcony, the best light with galvanized steel pipe, as well as galvanized steel pipe is durable, if the quality is excellent, using twenty years should not be an issue. Galvanized steel pipe refer to a galvanized surface, there may be welded steel pipe, it could be seamless steel pipe.

Application: Galvanized steel pipe generally is utilized to make fences, balcony guardrail, water pipe. Commonly used in municipal projects, roads, factories, schools, development zones, gardens, squares, residential and other places.

Product Parameters

Standard: BS 1387-1985, ASTM A53, ASTM A513, ASTM A252-98, JIS G3444-2004 STK400/500, JIS G3452-2004, EN 10219, EN 10255-1996, DIN 2440.

Material: Q195, Q215, Q235, Q345.

Specification: 1/2”-16” (OD: 21.3mm-406.4mm).

Wall thickness: 0.8mm-12mm.

Surface treatment: Hot-dipping galvanized steel pipe, pre-galvanized steel pipe.

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