DIN 17175 St35.8 Seamless Steel Tubes

As far as DIN 17175 is concerned, steels with good mechanical properties at higher temperatures, up to 600°C, even under long-term loads, are called hot-strength steels.

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DIN 17175 St35.8 Seamless Steel Tubes Quick Details

Manufacture: Seamless process. Out Dimensions: 14mm-711mm. Wall Thickness: 2mm-60mm. Length: Fixed(6m,9m,12,24m) or normal length(5-12m). Ends: Plain End, Beveled End, Threaded. Manufacturing Method DIN 17175 St35.8 seamless steel pipes can be produced by hot rolling, cold rolling, hot pressing, hot drawing or cold drawing. Steel pipes can be smelted in an open hearth or electric furnace according to the oxygen blow method, and all steel shall be cast in a static manner. Delivery Condition The 17175 St35.8 Seamless Steel Tubes Will be delivered through a suitable heat treatment. heat treatment includes: – Normalizing – Annealing – Tempering; from the quenching temperature, it is not cold, but then tempered – Adjust the mass by the isothermal transformation method.

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Heat Treatment Temperature of DIN 17175 St35.8 Seamless Steel Tubes

Hot working is possible from 1100 to 850°C, and the temperature can be reduced to 750 °C during processing.

Steel Grade

Thermal processing ℃




Material number

Quenching temperature ℃

Tempering temperature ℃



1100 to 850°C


Technical Delivery Conditions

The tubes shall be supplied suitably heat treated over their entire length. The following heat treatment shall be used, depending on the type of steel: Normalizing. Subcritical annealing. Hardening and tempering with isothermal transformation. Hardening and tempering with continuous cooling from the hardening temperature and subsequent tempering.

Chemical Composition of DIN 17175 St35.8 Seamless Steel Tubes



Chemical composition(%)







DIN 17175








Mechanical Property of DIN 17175 St35.8 Seamless Steel Tubes



Tensile Strength(MPa)

Yield Strength(MPa)


DIN 17175





Product Introduction

The DIN 17175 ST35.8 seamless carbon steel based tubes, produced in our factory are much appreciated for their ability to withstand high pressure. This feature of the DIN 17175 ST35.8 Carbon Steel Superheater Tubes, makes them a high in demand asset to various industries across several key sectors. In fact, the supply of this particular grade of ST35.8 DIN 17175 Boiler Tube is rather  high these days. This is because the ST35.8 Pipe is considered to be an essential product which can be used during the installation of the boilers as well as in tanks constructions.

Apart from making the Steel DIN 17175 ST35.8 Seamless Tube with end fittings such as bevel, coupled as well as plain ended ones, we manufacture these ST35.8 DIN 17175 Carbon Steel Tubes in forms such as hydraulic, round, rectangle or squared. In addition to this, we also manufacture the specified Steel DIN 17175 Boiler Tube according to the needs of the buyer, by offering customizations. Our client list for the ST35.8 DIN 17175 Steel Tubes includes industries such as power plants, pulp and paper industry, pharma, petrochemicals, oil and gas along with energy, aerospace as well as the food and beverage industry. At our factory, we perform various tests on the carbon steel DIN 17175 ST35.8 tubes in order to ensure that our buyers get the best quality product delivered to them. Apart from the chemical analysis and mechanical tests conducted on the DIN 17175 ST35.8 Steel Tubing, our quality team also performs tests these DIN 17175 ST35.8 Steel Tubes such as Intergranular corrosion test, Positive material identification test, Pitting resistance test, Hardness test, Macro test as well as a Micro test.

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