Seamless Steel Hydraulic Cylinder Honed Pipe

The hydraulic tube is cylinder-like shaped tubing device that when attach to hydraulic systems, allow for the passage of fluids within and among components. The tube standard specifies dimensions for cold drawn finishing and ​seamless precision steel tubes. Cold drawn process provides the tube with close dimensional tolerances, increase material strength and enhanced machinability. Therefore, hydraulic tubes are suitable in high performance piping system application.

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Product Introduction

They usually have a length of about 6 meters long. When ordering a pipe, the user must measure the outside and inside diameters of the pipe. If wall thickness is important, pipe can be ordered by OD and wall thickness or ID and wall thickness. On the basis of high-quality carbon structural steel, hydraulic steel pipe is appropriately added with one or more alloying elements to improve the strength, toughness and hardenability of steel. The type of hydraulic steel pipe usually made by quenching should be subjected to chemical heat treatment and surface hardening heat treatment. Compared with high-quality carbon structural steel, structural steel has good mechanical properties, and is mostly rolled into round, square, and flat steel, which is an important structural part of machinery or machinery. But the wear resistance and cut resistance are much better than stainless steel. There are two types of material grades, ST52.4 and ST37.4. ST52.2 is a high tensile strength tube, meaning it has a higher allowable working pressure by reducing the tube wall thickness and results in a lower overall system weight. 

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Please Refer to The Chemical Composition of ST52.4 and ST37.4 Pipes

Chemical Composition (%)

Carbon (C)

​Silicon (Si)

Manganese (Mn)

Phosphorus (P)

Sulfur (S)

​E355 (ST52.4)

​⩽ 0.22

⩽ 0.55

⩽ 1.6

⩽ 0.045

⩽ 0.045

E235 (ST37.4) ​

⩽ 0.17

​⩽ 0.35

 ⩽ 1.2 ​

⩽ 0.045

​⩽ 0.045

Hydraulic Steel Pipe/Tube

Material: ST52, CK45, 4140, 16Mn, 42CrMo, E355, Q345B, Q345D, Stainless Steel 304/316, Duplex 2205, etc. Delivery Condition: BK, BK+S, GBK, NBK. Straightness: ≤ 0.5/1000. Roughness: 0.2-0.4 u. Tolerance EXT: DIN2391, EN10305, GB/T 1619. Tolerance INT: H7, H8, H9. Diameter: 6mm - 1000mm. Length: 1000mm - 12000mm. Technology: Perforation /Acid Pickling / Phosphorization /Cold Drawn /Cold Rolled /Annealing/ Anaerobic Annealing. Protection: Anti-Rust Oil on inside and outside surface, Plastic Caps in both ends. Usage: Hydraulic Cylinders. Package: Bundle with steel strip and PE sheet package or Wooden case.

How To Produce Hydraulic Tube? 

The pipe surface finish is NBK, where the pipe is phosphated and normalized for corrosion resistance. Oiled inside and out. The normalizing process creates a harder metal product. During normalizing, the metal will be heated at high temperature and after heating it will naturally cool to room temperature by exposure. Metals that have undergone this process are easier to form, harder and more ductile. Galvanized coating available on request. Galvanized hydraulic pipes have a zinc protective coating to make them last longer. There are two types of galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing and cold-dip galvanizing. There are two options for tube production, seamless or welded. Our hydraulic tubes are manufactured in a seamless process with no welds or seams as they are pulled from the billet. The permissible working pressure is calculated according to DIN 2413 at ambient temperature. Yield and tensile stress values are used to determine the required maximum allowable operating pressure and wall thickness. When the pipe is delivered, the actual yield and tensile stress values are verified by a true copy of the material certificate. The decompression 

Coefficients At Different Temperatures Are As Follows

° C







° F







Rating Factor







In order to determine the allowable working pressure at high temperature, after determining the temperature reading, multiply the allowable working pressure for the outer diameter and thickness of the pipe under the rated factor.

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