Hot Rolled Alloy Steel Plate / Sheet

low alloy steel plate for structural purposes(high strenght and medium strength): 16Mn, 15MnVN and low-carbon bainitic steel. Main standard include GB/T1591-94, JIS G3106, JIS G3101, DIN17100, ASTM A572M, EN10025, etc.

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High strength low alloy steel (HSLA) is a type of alloy steel that provides better mechanical properties or greater resistance to corrosion than carbon steel. High strength low alloy steel (HSLA) offer better environmental corrosion resistance and are more robust than convention carbon steel. HSLA is also extremely ductile, easy to weld, and highly formable. HSLA steels are not usually made to meet a specific chemical composition instead they are known to meet precise mechanical properties. HSLA plates have the potential to lower your material costs and increase payloads since the lighter material obtains the strength that is needed. Common applications for HSLA plates include railroad cars, trucks, trailers, cranes, excavating equipment, buildings, and bridges and structural members, where savings in weight and added durability are crucial. 16 mn is a major steel grade of high strength low alloy steel plate in most industries, The consumption of this type is very large. Its intensity is higher than the ordinary carbon structural steel Q235 by 20% ~ 30%, atmospheric corrosion resistance by 20% ~ 38%. 15 MNVN is mainly used as medium strength steel plate. It is featured with high strength and toughness, good weldability and low temperature toughness and is widely used in the manufacture of Bridges, boilers, ships and other large structures. Strength level is above 500 Mpa, low carbon alloy steel plate is not able to meet the requirements, low carbon bainite steel plate is developed. Added with elements such as Cr, Mo, Mn, B, to help steel plate in forming bainite organization, makes it with higher intensity, plasticity and good welding performance, it's mostly used in high pressure boiler, pressure vessel, etc. Alloy steel plate is mainly used for building bridges, ships, vehicles, boiler, pressure vessel, oil pipelines, large steel structure.

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Product Parameters

Low Alloy Steel Grade

GB/T1591-94 Q390(A,B,C,D,E) Q420(A,B,C,D,E) Q460(C,D,E) -
GB/T16270 Q500(D,E) Q550(D,E) Q620(D,E) Q690(D,E)
JIS G3106 SM490(A,B,C) SM490Y(A,B) SM520(B,C) SM570
JIS G3101 SS490 SS540 - -
DIN 17100 St44-3 St52-3 St50-2 St60-2
DIN 17102 StE315 StE355 StE380 StE420
ASTM A572M Gr42




ASTM A633M A C D  
EN10025 S275(JR,J0,J2G3,J2G4) S355(JR,J0,J2G3,J2G4,K2G3,K2G4) E295,E335,E360 S275N,S275NL,S355N,S355NL
EN10113 S275N S275NL S355N S355NL 

Grade And Standard

Steel Grade

Steel Grade

12Mn,16Mn 15MnV,15MnVN 14MnNb




Q355(A,B,C,D,E)≥ 102mm

Q/WTB8 - 2000

Q390(A,B,C,D,E) Q420(A,B,C,D,E) Q460(C,D,E)


Q500(D,E),Q550(D,E), Q620(D,E),Q690(D,E)


SM490(A,B,C),SM490Y(A,B) SM520(B,C),SM570

JIS G3106


JIS G3101

St44-3,St52-3,St50-2 St60-2,St70-2


StE315,StE355,StE380 StE420,StE460,StE500


A572M(Gr42,50,60,65) A633M(A,C,D,E)


S275(JR,J0,J2G3,J2G4) S355(JR,J0,J2G3,J2G4, K2G3,K2G4) E295,E335,E360


S275N,S275NL,S355N,S355NL S420N,S420NL,S460N,S460NL




E420(DD,E),E460(DD,E) E550(DD,E) High-strength low-alloy (HSLA)


Fe430(A,B,C,D) Fe510(B,C,D)


Advantage of High Strength Low Alloy Steel

Weldability: Good welding characteristics. Fatigue Performance: High-strength steels have good resistance to fatigue due to their relatively high yield strengths. Therefore, HSLA is a good candidate for durability sensitive components. Denting: Good dent resistance capabilities. For additional capabilities, please check our dent-resistance steels. Heavy Bearing: Can hold heavy loads Longer life Longer life span Vary size: Available in various grade and thickness

Application Area

Apply to manufacture factory building, civil building and all kinds of engineering machinery in mine industry and various of civil construction, such as drilling rig, electric shovel, powered wheel tipper ,mining vehicles, excavators, loaders, industrial blowers, various types of cranes, mining machinery and equipment, such as hydraulic support and other structural parts. Q355 - The Q355 plate is extensively used in a variety of industries. Q420 - Q420 is used in a range of structural applications including bridges, construction equipment, buildings, and more. Q460Q - Q460Q steel plate is chiefly used in the manufacturing of bridges. Q620, Q690- The grades Q620, Q690 are higher performing grades meant to endure extreme climates. A588 and A606 - This is a structural steel plate for riveting, welding, or bolting in construction applications. A656 GRADE 50, 60, 70, 80 - A656 plate steel is used in truck frames, crane booms, construction equipment, and general fabrication. A573 GRADE 58, 65, 70 - A573 plate steel is used in the manufacture of storage tanks where atmospheric conditions require better notch toughness. A283 - A283 plate steel comprises of low and intermediate tensile strength carbon steel plate of structural quality.

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