API 5L Grade B Carbon Steel Pipe Line Pipe

API 5L Grade B steel pipe is a common grade pipe for oil and gas pipeline transportation. It is also known as L245 pipe, referenced to ISO 3183, named after a minimum yield strength of 245 Mpa (355,000 Psi). Equivalent material ASTM A106 B or ASTM A53 B with similar value in chemical composition, mechanical properties and application. API 5L B covers PSL1, PSL2, sour service for onshore and offshore pipelines. Fabrication types include seamless and welded.

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PSL1, PSL2 and Acidic Media Types. Usually PSL1 is used, which is equivalent to ASTM A106 B and A53 B. PSL2 is a higher specification grade pipe with stricter requirements for chemical and mechanical strength. PSL2 requires more test methods such as non-destructive testing, CVN impact testing, DWT, etc. API 5L B PSL2 is represented by API 5L BN/Q/R/M. Acidic medium: For acid pipelines such as H2S environment, the pipeline material has typical requirements for chemical elements such as carbon, phosphorus and sulfur. Reference standard NACE MR0175.

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Seamless Type: including hot-rolled seamless pipes over 3 inches, cold-rolled seamless pipes under 3 inches. ERW Welding Type: Resistance Welding, suitable for pipes up to 24 inches. Straight Seam Submerged Arc Welding Type: Longitudinal segmented arc welding, suitable for pipes with an outer diameter of 20 inches to 48 inches. LSAW is also known as JCOE, which means making shapes from J-shaped, C-shaped, O-shaped, and then cold-expanded pipes. SSAW/HSAW Type: Spiral Submerged Arc Welding or Spiral Saw for pipe up to 100" OD. API 5L Grade B, ASTM A106 Grade B and A53 Grade B, these three materials are the most commonly used materials in pipeline construction or oil and gas and liquid transportation industries. ASTM 106 Pipe refers to hot-rolled or cold-drawn (rolled) seamless carbon steel pipe. ASTM A53 pipe includes welded and seamless steel pipes of carbon black material, and in some cases hot-dip galvanized (galvanized).

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Grade: API 5L Grade BN/Q/M/NS/QS/MS. Manufacturing Type: Seamless and welded ERW, LSAW, SSAW/HSAW. Outer Diameters for Seamless: 1/2” – 24”. OD for ERW: up to 24”. OD for LSAW: 16” to 48”. OD for SSAW/HSAW: up to 100”. Range of Thickness: Sch 20, SCH 40, SCH STD, SCH 80, SCH XS, SCH 120, SCH XXS, SCH 160. Range of Length: SRL, DRL, 20FT, 40FT. Product Specification Level: PSL1, PSL2, Sour Services. Ends: Plain, Beveled, Threaded. Coating Available: FBE, 3PE/3LPE, Black Painting, Varnished, Anti-rust oil, Galvanized, CRA, CWC.

API 5L Grade B Pipe PSL1 Chemical Composition

API 5L Grade B Pipe PSL1 Mechanical Properties

API 5L Grade B Pipe PSL2 Chemical Composition

API 5L Grade B Pipe PSL2 Mechanical Properties

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Suffix letters specify pipeline delivery conditions: R: When rolling. N: normalizing rolling, normalizing forming, normalizing. Q: Tempering and Quenching. M: Thermomechanical rolling or thermomechanical forming. S: Sour medium with PSL2 tubing for NS, QS, MS, e.g. API 5L Grade B NS, API 5L B QS. Seamless and welded (ERW, LSAW, SSAW/HSAW) types.

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